June 1, 2016




The Comox Untitled design (1)Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Governance Review Task Force is a group of citizens who are trying to foster dialogue and support in our communities for the purpose of petitioning the Provincial government for a study to examine local governance in our area.


Board-Meeting-SMWhat is a Governance Review?

Governance reviews vary depending on the nature of the organization, and different variables such as legal structure, culture, demographics etc. Typically, governance reviews should be carried out regularly, to make sure things are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Most importantly, this is just a review, no legally binding recommendations or changes will be made.


Why should we do one?

This is your opportunity to get your voice heard. This review is for the sole benefit of the Comox Valley, and its’ residents. In the case of the Comox Valley, the governance review would consist of items such as:

  • Defining governance roles
  • Determining if the current governance is adding value, or creating issues6a00d83451b36c69e201bb0859f94e970d-800wi
  • Determining compliance with local, Provincial and Federal codes and standards
  • Outlining if our current processes help to achieve community goals
  • Look at regional issues (air, water, development planning, waste management)
  • Review tax spending, to make sure your money is being spent efficiently

This review would give a great outside look at our current governance model, and help the Comox Valley figure out what it needs to do, if anything, to make this a better, more efficient community than it already is.


Sign the petition!

To sign the petition, please click this link: http://www.cvgovreview.ca/sign-the-petition-2/